Writing About What You’re Noticing

Seth Godin describes is job as noticing things. Paulo Coelho describes writing books as sharing is soul. Maria Popova writes about what is interesting to her. Writing comes from within yourself. I was looking externally to find something to write about. I was looking in the wrong place. Recommend & Related Content How Seth Godin … [Read more…]

Writing Small Posts

Have you ever read Seth Godin blog? As he describes it himself, he posts about what he’s noticing. His post are small—and they’re working. I struggle with my own writing. I get near nothing out of the door. It’s because I’m a conformist in my writing. I look to satisfy the SEO for every post … [Read more…]

Put your thoughts into writing

Do you write regularly? Do you own a diary, a blog? Do you put your thoughts into writing? It’s a habit that I recommend you introduce in your life. You can clarify any subject that goes through your mind when you write about it. It gives you perspective. Here’s some benefits that writing can bring … [Read more…]