Specialist: Maybe we’re better off as generalist

Do you call yourself a specialist? Are you skilled in more areas than your daily work? Are you a cog? Obviously, no one can be deeply knowledgeable about every subjects. But when it’s about our basic needs, we can certainly gain at been competent in a variety of topics. We can certainly gain at been independent.

We’ve been educated to fit in the current system. We’ve been raised as a gear that keep turning the wheel of the economy. We’ve been trained at doing one thing well—and been dependent for everything else. Specialist are made for production, not for creation. Somehow, we lost the fact that we invented the economy to serve humanity, not the other way around. We forgot that we working with human, not a piece of machinery.

Specialist lack versatility

We invented specialization to narrow our focus so we can do one thing very well. The idea is to sum up all the specialists to do one big system for the survival of each other. We can use another specialist for our lack of knowledge in another area. Because when we change our context, an effort has to be made, a resistance occurs. It’s why we are comfortable with a list of similar tasks that we do day in and day out. It’s why we follow the rules instead of creating new ones. It feels safe.

Specialist are replaceable

Specialization doesn’t automatically provide security. When our specialty become obsolete or defective, if we lack versatility and adaptability, we can easily be replaced by another specialist. We tends to dispose of resources instead of recycling them.

We can certainly gain at been broad-minded. At work, I started to touch and learn as many subjects as possible. I’m trying to get comfortable with the idea. While others try to specialize themselves, I try to generalize myself.

At first, it’s uncomfortable. I navigate into the unknown. As time goes by, it diminishes anxiety, it diminishes fear, it diminishes repetition and it tends to drive boredom away. I’m learning a lot from that experiment. I’m gaining a lot of confidence. I should start to apply this attitude at home. The idea is to be as autonomous as possible in every aspect of my life.

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